Music therapy

Music therapy is the use of musical experiences and interactions to achieve non-musical goals. Music therapy serves a wide range of populations at any age and addresses many cognitive, motor, and emotional needs, but its benefits can go far beyond the parameters of those things which we ordinarily associate with conventional therapies because of the many ways that music affects the human spirit.

“Music therapy is a reflexive process wherein the therapist helps the client to optimize the client’s health, using various facets of music experience and the relationship formed through them as the impetus for change. A defined here, music therapy is the professional practice component of the discipline, which informs and is informed by theory and research” (Bruscia, 2014)

Our Mission

Santa Barbara Music Therapy

Santa Barbara Music Therapy will provide evidence-based music therapy services to support individuals’ clinical and personal goals and promote an improved and more fulfilled quality of life for its clients within Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.

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